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Affiliate Program - Tutu Studio, Video / Audio Converter Software
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Affiliate Program

We offer 80% commission and all new affiliates are automatically approved. All these products have trial versions that allow users download and try it.

How to be an affiliate?

Joining is free and getting started is simple. Start with visiting Regnow.com at
Complete an online sign-up form, and then you will receive affiliate ID via email. RegNow provides a safe and effective online purchasing solution. Get custom build of our products and start to make money!

How to sell products as an affiliate?

Directly link to RegNow with the product's order form with
Put the product ID in RegNow after "item", and your RegNow affiliate ID after "affiliate".

What is RegNow custom build?

You can create custom versions by yourself.
Download the demo at our site first, and then rename them. For example, suppose that your affiliate ID is XXXX, and you want to build custom version of TutuSoft Audio Converter. First, please download TutuSoft Audio Converter, and then rename t-audio-converter.exe as t-audio-converter-XXXX.exe, so your custom version is generated.

Product Name Pad URL
Tutu Video Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-video-converter.xml
Tutu X to iPod Video Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-x-to-ipod-video-converter.xml
Tutu X to 3GP Video Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-x-to-3gp-video-converter.xml
Tutu X to MP4 Video Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-x-to-mp4-video-converter.xml
Tutu X to PSP Video Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-x-to-psp-video-converter.xml
Tutu X to iPhone Video Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-x-to-iphone-video-converter.xml
Tutu X to Apple TV Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-x-to-appletv-converter.xml
Tutu X to Zune Video Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-x-to-zune-video-converter.xml
Tutu iPod Touch Video Converter : http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-ipod-touch-video-converter.xml
Tutu iPod Classic Video Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-ipod-classic-video-converter.xml
Tutu iPod Nano Video Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-ipod-nano-video-converter.xml
Tutu AVI to iPod Converter : http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-avi-to-ipod-converter.xml
Tutu FLV to iPod Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-flv-to-ipod-converter.xml
Tutu MPEG to iPod Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-mpeg-to-ipod-converter.xml
Tutu MP4 to iPod Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-mp4-to-ipod-converter.xml
Tutu FLV to X Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-flv-to-x-converter.xml
Tutu FLV to AVI Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-flv-to-avi-converter.xml
Tutu FLV to MP3 Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-flv-to-mp3-converter.xml
Tutu FLV to MP4 Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-flv-to-mp4-converter.xml
Tutu FLV to WMV Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-flv-to-wmv-converter.xml
Tutu FLV to MPEG Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-flv-to-mpeg-converter.xml
Tutu AVI to PSP Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-avi-to-psp-converter.xml
Tutu FLV to PSP Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-flv-to-psp-converter.xml
Tutu X to FLV Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-x-to-flv-converter.xml
Tutu X to MOV Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-x-to-mov-converter.xml
Tutu Video to Audio Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-video-to-audio-converter.xml
Tutu AVI MPEG Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-avi-mpeg-converter.xml
Tutu RMVB to X Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-rmvb-to-x-converter.xml
Tutu MOV to X Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-mov-to-x-converter.xml
Tutu MKV to X Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-mkv-to-x-converter.xml
Tutu 3GP AVI Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-3gp-avi-converter.xml
Tutu 3GP MPEG Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-3gp-mpeg-converter.xml
Tutu AVI MP4 Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-avi-mp4-converter.xml
Tutu MPEG MP4 Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-mpeg-mp4-converter.xml
Tutu MP3 OGG Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-mp3-ogg-converter.xml
Tutu WMA MP3 Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-wma-mp3-converter.xml
Tutu MP3 WAV Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-mp3-wav-converter.xml
Tutu Audio Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-audio-converter.xml
Tutu FLAC MP3 Converter: http://www.tutusoftware.com/pad/t-flac-mp3-converter.xml

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