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3GP MPEG Converter - Convert 3GP to MPEG, Convert MPEG to 3GP
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Tutu 3GP MPEG Converter

3GP MPEG Converter - Convert 3GP to MPEG, Convert MPEG to 3GP

Tutu 3GP MPEG Converter is a versatile and simple 3GP MPEG converter tool which helps you convert 3GP to MPEG and MPEG 3GP. Now you can view MPEG video with your mobile devices easily.

With a user-friendly interface and fast speed, all conversion processes, such as 3GP to MPEG2, 3GP to MPEG1, and MPEG to 3GP etc. is very easy and fast with high quality. And Tutu 3GP MPEG Converter also offers some parameters of conversion options that you can be set, for example bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, etc..

Just free download Tutu 3GP MPEG Converter to enjoy your 3GP videos or movies made from an MPEG file on your fashionable mobile phone.

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Key Feature
  • Windows VISTA supported well
    This converter of 3GP MPEG video was developed with standard C++ and windows API, and tested strictly under windows VISTA. So the converter of 3GP MPEG video runs perfectly under windows 98/2000/XP/VISTA. 
  • Perfect solution of 16:9 <-> 4:3 video convert
    When convert video between different video scale, it comes up a problem of how to deal with the video size. This converter of 3GP MPEG video offer a perfect solution of convert 3GP videos between different video scale whether wide screen 16:9 to normal screen 4:3 or 4:3 to 16:9. You were offered 7 options for choosing. And no matter MPEG to 3GP or 3GP to MPEG. 
  • Excellent output quality by parameters optimized
    If you are a green apple, you can use this converter of 3GP MPEG video default settings which were optimized to get excellent output quality of 3GP video. As an experienced user, you can set the advanced settings by yourself like video size, bit rate, frame rate, etc 
  • Concise and friendly interface
    With more concise and friendly interface of the converter of 3GP MPEG video, converting your 3GP video files is just a button click away. 
  • Rational profile
    This converter of 3GP MPEG video offer rational profiles, this can make you reach the target that you want easily.
Systerm Requirement>
OS Supported:  Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/2003/XP, Windows Vista 
CPU:  350MHz  or above
RAM:  64 MB  or above
Main Functions
  1. Convert video between 3GP and MPEG
    Input video format supported: MPEG and 3GP (3GP, 3GPP, 3G2)
    Output video format supported: 3GP, 3GPP, 3G2 and MPEG. 
  2. Video Screen Crop/Pan 
    This converter of 3GP MPEG video provide a perfect conversion scheme to convert between different video aspect such as 16:9 and 4:3 video.
  3. Batch conversion
    Tutu 3GP MPEG Converter can enact every video converting task flexibly, and the task can be saved and load. 
  4. User-adjustable codec parameter setting
    All of the 3GP video codec parameters is optimized and predigested, the default setting can do good job to get good quality 3GP / 3G2 /3GPP video, and you also can set them flexibly to get excellent quality 3G2 / 3GPP / 3GP video files. 
  5. Output parameters configuration
    Output files can be renamed (without extension file name .3gp/.MPEG) and the output path can be easily modified (absolute path). 
  6. View the information of the original files
    You can view the detail information about video codec, video bit rate, frame rate, audio codec, audio bit rate, sample rate etc. of a video file with all file formats. 
  7. Play video files for preview
    You can play video files to be converted in the list for the purpose of preview.
3GP MPEG Converter - Convert 3GP to MPEG, Convert MPEG to 3GP
Know More

Tutu Studio is a professional developer dedicating to digital video and audio software developing. Newly developed Video Converter including 3GP Video Converter, iPod Video Converter, PSP Video Converter, AVI MPEG Converter, and Audio Converter, WMA MP3 Converter etc. All software by Tutu Studio are copyright protected legally.

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